NDIS and Mental Health
A national conversation about what comes next
3rd Annual Mental Health & NDIS Conference 

On Line Conference
February 4 and 5, 2021

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The NDIS rollout is largely complete and as the dust settles, now is the time to look forward as to what comes next…

The past 18 months has seen the transition of people with primary psychosocial disability into the NDIS and significant changes in the interface with mental health supports and services.
Each state has had its own timings, learnings and takeaways from the NDIS national rollout. Now is the time for us to come together to share our experience to date and look at what comes next.

The Third National NDIS Mental Health Conference streams explore lived experience, innovation, human rights and the interface.


Conference topics and streams include;


Innovation is much more than doing more with less – what is the vision for innovation? This stream show-cases innovations in service design, development and delivery in NDIS service provision as well as the wider mental health system. Examples of great co-design and co-production, driven by lived experience voice.


People want support to be holistic and relevant to their life. This stream explores the interface between NDIS and the rest of the mental health system; interfaces with primary health and health, housing, education, employment, AoD etc. Who is doing it well? How do we do it better?

Human Rights and Social Equity

Human rights are fundamental to why the community supports NDIS. How does getting human rights “right” look in the psychosocial space? How are we improving human rights in the context of – living well, economic participation, housing, education? Exploring the themes of “Safe, Helpful and Hopeful” in what and how we do business.

Lived Experience Workforce and Leadership

Supply of and demand for support provided by people with lived experience in the NDIS and the rest of the mental health system. What does it look like if we are doing it well? How far have we come already? Where to from here?

If you are a service provider, service recipient, family member, policy maker, policy adviser, service designer or funder – THIS IS AN EVENT NOT TO BE MISSED.


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