About Us

Goals and Objectives

Promoting effective community-based mental health care and recovery

Community Mental Health Australia (CMHA) works with all levels of government, community groups and other interested stakeholders to promote better mental health throughout Australia, based on a philosophy of recovery and inclusion within the community.

Primary goals of Community Mental Health Australia (CMHA)

The over-riding goals of CMHA are: To build a viable and sustainable community-managed mental health sector across Australia To promote the value and outcomes delivered by community-managed mental health services, based on a philosophy of recovery and social inclusion

Objectives of Community Mental Health Australia

At national, state and local levels, CMHA seeks to:

Increase understanding of the value of community mental health programs and the need for the respectful inclusion of consumer and carer voice.
Advocate for expanding the range of options available to enable people with a mental illness to recover in their own homes and communities
Promote and strengthen the capacity of the community mental health sector across Australia
Be the community voice influencing government decision-making in regard to mental health and other key social justice issues
Increase the ratio of mental health funding allocated to support quality community-managed mental health services and recovery programs
Work together State & Territory community mental health peak bodies to build unity and to support and enable effective in their individual and collective leadership roles
Establish effective partnerships with all stakeholders to achieve shared mental health reform goals
Drive innovation and promote new models and programs based on recovery and social inclusion